Dugout Mobile App

Dugout Mobile App

Dugout is a proprietary software built and used by Centerfield Media. The platform is used to track, analyze, and optimize customer acquisition at scale for a list of leading global advertisers. 


Dugout is primarily intended for use as a desktop application. Given the data-heavy nature of the platform, mobile functionality presents many great challenges - primarily the visual manifestation of so much information on a handheld device as well as serving large chunks of data in a timely manner. 

Our team was tasked to recreate the existing Dugout mobile app. Due to the aforementioned challenges, the old version was limited in functionality and served only as a platform to view information. There was no functionality that allowed users to manage or make changes on the go, something that we needed to change as our internal team and client base grew rapidly. 


In an attempt to simplify access to the data, we stripped away all non-essential information and introduced a few basic actions - changing traffic splits for A/B tests and visualizing data (that includes updates on impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue, and movement in real time) to keep the internal team up to date as necessary. 

Because the mobile app was never intended to replace or be used in stead of the desktop version, we were able to successfully introduce a handful of actions that can help prevent profit loss on unsuccessful tests as soon as possible. We also implemented a redesigned dashboard to help make the data more digestible, all of which greatly improved the efficacy of the mobile app.